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 About the Dar Dibaj Factory co:


We like other producers, we set off since the founding of the factory in 1998, but we distinctiveness quality of our products and the accuracy of our manufacturing and our competition high in the markets of Saudi Arabia since the beginning, the goal of the project, the production of tissue paper and according to the Saudi Standards No. 484/1987 manufacturer of tissue paper is a thin layer of a specific form and the ability of high absorption and absorption are made of cellulose tissue (new wood) manufacturing operations processing sequence, and tissue is composed of two layers of compact tissue paper in an appropriate manner and be free of foreign material, stains, holes and any visible defects.


And oversees the manufacturing and distribution stages of an integrated team according to the consistency of thoughtful Vancharna in all regions of the Kingdom and its extension have gained the fame and our own Talguena in the world of paper napkins.


manager of the factory:


In our ongoing to find the best and most appropriate supplies paper we offer through our factory house Dibaj many options available to our customers either from the point of quality and excellence believe a price competition was for such a service the big role to win large segments of the customer level throughout the kingdom, and our goal is to everyone and to achieve the true meaning of the word, which means Dibaj finest natural silk was chosen to achieve Dibaj word meaning


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General Manager


Abdulaziz Ahmed Alfouzan



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