Fertilizer Technology Factoru


Al Sapiq Trade & Construction co.

Bright colors factory of paint

Dar Dibaj Tissue Paper

Al-Quads Printing Press Co.

Concentrated Feed Factory





Chairman of the Board of Directors



It is an honor and privilege to introduce Alfozan Trading and Industrial Company (Ftinco) as one of the national companies that we are proud of. It is one of our group and Upstream Company of Alfozan Trading and General Construction CO (FTCO) . It is a company with limited liability established in KSA Qassim - Buraydah to keep up with the rapid and fast developments in Saudi Arabia and meet the needs of the Saudi market. It has been provided with excellent and highly talent and skilled personnel.




Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors And CEO


Alfozan of Trading and Industrial Co  ( FTINCO ) is a national distinguished  company has entered the Saudi economic market  by our desire to keep up with economic developments, through various activities including industry, trade and investment in land and real estate, securities, stocks and bonds, and contributions to other incorporations. Ftinco is also working in import of industrial and agricultural equipments, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.


Here some of our activities such as :

1-      Dar Dibaj Tissue Paper Factory.

2-      Fertilizer Technology Factory.

3-      Bright Colors Paint Factory.

4-      Concentrated Feed Factory.

5-      AL-Qudis Printing Perss.

6-      Commercial and Agriculture Dep.

7-      AL-Fozan Farms.

      8-  AL-Fozan Cooling and Freezing Rooms.