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About the Bright colors factory of paint co:


Was launched to establish the beginning of the first factory for the lumen of the paint colors in 03/30/2006 AD was labor intensive and to be the establishment of the plant development and quality required by the urban market in the Kingdom


And witnessed the beginning of 2007, the first production of this factory paint was working on multi-plant yields of oil paints, plastics and pastes of all kinds.


manager of the factory:


Given the continuous development and the recent surge witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in recent times in terms of architectural and construction has been the idea of how to support this urban development, and here came the idea of the factory have produced processions of the origination of new urban, a special factory manufactures paints have been preparing him after What was the work of a complete study of the UK market and the extent of the needs of the urban market for these paints. Has been developed to work in manufacturing quality paints full and needed by the urban market.


Hence, everyone works from the status of work on the increase of urban upbringing with much effort for us to stand firm on the ground towards the urban development




               With the wishes of the progress and prosperity for all areas that will provide permanent support for and promoted the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


General Manager


Fouzan Ahmed Alfouzan




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